About Us

Bodrum’s one of the most prestigious and popular premise Bodrum Marina Yacht Club, got the responsibility of restoring and renovating of 300 years old tavern. The renovation has recently been completed, and the site has started to offer it’s services with a name ” Newold Club ” to it’s guests under the supervision of Marina Yacht Club Management.
Newold Club; with it’s decoration, music, and excellent service creates a very strong alternative venue to the lovers of Bodrum’s acclaimed night life.


Newold Club, combines it’s unique setting with the accompany of famous DJs bringing the best of Dance, House, R&B, Pop and 80′s hits.
While listening to the beautiful music, or relaxing after delighted tiredness of dancing, you can enjoy trying most delicious coctails in Bodrum.
When you enter through the doors of Newold Club, you’ll be cast under a spell, where elegance and history has created a magical atmosphere that will touch your mind and soul.

Newold Club is right at the Bodrum town center, however It is also possible to reach Newold Club, by a private boat provided by Marina Yacht Club. While commuting from one stylish place to another, you will enjoy with the spectacular view of Bodrum Marina and Bodrum St. John’s Castle.